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Children that year just round the Moon age, that is, the students also only in the form of enough to eat enough appearances rather than what many personell. As big as we have more demand phung, I don’t want to bother your physician should the mother decide to make the job of fitting to have spend money.

That is, you go online to earn the job. See the only full three piece multi-level sales. Find out on half the sky does not earn any consent at all. The day after meeting grade level 3, while “eight” with your child is breathing than about the job. It’s a loud yes a Muslim then says:

I hear it said also excited to celebrate, then it ask for the number of tablets to ease traffic.

A few days later it call me:

-Alo! N? T he asked you about new employment, he called upon need 2 men to serve. T has introduced N for him, he said, if the trench lunch 2 h framework up to meet him tomorrow to do interviews.

To listen done thrilled me most fat, thanks it lịa and then get the address, lia of handsets he he it. School finished, I straight home on the Wave alpha red. prepare preliminary Ocean integrity, 3 × 4, photo ID CARD. Right now I have 1h45 at the.

Nice cafes than you imagine. A small number-age, located in the alley but which is also easy to find. Has just entered the Consulate then you suddenly Step in decoration, with modern furniture, lights up the Acoustic Cafe dạngnhư, but according to me, the better. Then met “the boss”, as you say, should behave also dc’s sympathy. After the interview ended, I’m doing the afternoon shift and night shift always, i.e. from 2 h noon to 10 pm. short-think at home don’t do only always 2 ca. Here you see also absence should also have more occupied, can also study the song over the loudspeakers, newly in the air cool, be double (1tr5/ca). So I’ve determined the next time will be less at home, school, lunch, morning much to the near foot buried late at night in the cafe.

The next day, the day before going to work for, I bring my TOSHIBA lap DueCore bắptheo leper when RI district slowly taken out and surfing the web, jackets “uniforms” of staff on (black trousers, t-shirts of the store). Building in Phu Nhuan district, running up work also die about 10 minutes. 1H45 I was born in. The Inn at this also. I see an older sister was sitting at the counter playing handheld devices then go to the Mainland to ask.

You how to light counters, greeting porn hub

-Hello, sister!

She ngửng up look. To confirm she is very nice, the number 1 is your skin with hair, smooth as skin and white kids, long hair, eyes, slanted roof lumbar soy sauce Strawberry news. I stand figure 1 seconds rồinhìn just a light laugh.

-Hey! You’re the new officer?

-Yes! You be you K (the owner) got packed. Name N.

She is the voice of the southern accent, sounded somewhat leveled sovới sister’s appearance.

-Yes! Mrs. L, she managed here.

I wonder just how busy the respondent “uniforms” of only slightly differences compared with the lacoste staff sit are coffee nearby. Just wear a shirt with a hug the shape, look an eyewash rứa Office staff. The paragraph, and then she handed the work for you, nothing much, just bưng veal, wash, wipe the table. A revert anymore then find two more men on.

the second guy also nothing unusual, as well as students as children, but that looks mediocre than the children. A real high then approximately 1 m 6, myopia, acne face; the other guy then quite a little high, as long as there are more meat skin, 1m65 kid, on the Mole has a fat under the Chin. second they go then to the counter, they look at me, I welcome nod Hello. And then face acne on the counter, where she advanced to Manager then grabbed second place just grabbing my cheeks, nonstandard:

-What management but that game is sitting all day!

-Knife, knife (pain, pain)-my sister groan

And then the kid Mole also ran to Ms. cheek’s Chair (like the baby’s Chair) and then the second video porn hd guy to go down to the bottom of drinking iced tea taken poolside.

But only manages but very gentle. the second man made sure to do it should be environmentally-friendly generation only as such, see pretty girls handy content just to tease. And then the second child it also talk, ask this with children. They it than me 2 years, moles, then meet the same children, also face acne, then coffee.

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